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Pydoop is developed by: CRS4

Ideas List

This page contains a list of future development ideas which we currently can’t pursue due to lack of resources. They are accessible to developers with a good knowledge of Python and Java, possibly in addition to some degree of familiarity with Hadoop. If you find anything you’d like to work on, just fork us on GitHub and start coding!

Customizing InputSplits in Python

In the Hadoop workflow, one of the first steps the framework performs when running a job is to look over the input data and decide how to split it among a number of independent processing tasks. Within Hadoop this functionality is implemented in an InputFormat class. Overriding this class allows you to customize how input files are split – information which is captured in a list of InputSplit objects.

At the moment it is not possible to implement your own InputFormat in Python and plug it into the framework; Java must be used instead. The idea is to add the feature to Pydoop so that developers could implement custom input splitting in pure Python, which would complement the currently available possibility to write a custom record reader in Python – i.e., a full input data format implementation in Python.

Knowledge prerequisites: Python, Java

Skill level: medium

Python 3 porting

Pydoop currently runs on Python 2.7. It would be nice to make it available to Python 3 users.

Knowledge prerequisites: Python 2, Python 3

Skill level: basic